How to learn a languge?

To learn a languge is a good Idea on our time, The world is a global village, It`s easy to visit every country by eroplane or by sea, Many people take a vacation from work and go to other places to see and enjoy. With the English languge you can manage and do everythng, but it is a good oportunity to learn a new language

Here you see how to learn spanish with parallet text English/Spanish, it is about short stories read once in one languge and then with the other one


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Watch Goliath – Season 3 on Prime Video!

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World War 2

I’m 1% through this book and think you might like it – “World War II: A History from Beginning to End” by Hourly History.

Start reading it for free:

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A terrible war,

For these people who lived there

A terrible hollocast, not known in history of mankind

We need to remember and never forget

A war of genocide

Read and learn