The particles of the universe

I’m 1% through this book and think you might like it – “The Particles of the Universe” by Jeff Yee.

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What is the universe made of? Particles that cannot see with naked eye. It truly exist

Why are we try to search it, because of human curiosity

Are this particles made of matter or energy

Albert Einstein equation Energy = mass

As population continue to grow, there will be not place for more, and we must try to find another planet to habitat


Mind to matter

I think you might like this book – “Mind to Matter: The Astonishing Science of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality” by Dawson Church, Joe Dispenza.

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How the mind has power to change the brain?

The mind is not matter. its not something we can touch. like the brain. but we can concentrate and stick to one topic. and then it can be like a stream of energy that build a part of brain. and make it function bettet


How to create my podcast

I think you might like this book – “Podcast Launch: How to Create & Launch Your Podcast: Plus!” by John Lee Dumas.

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It’s a course that teach you all you need to know, for free

You can monity you blogs by adding it to your blog

On blog we write, but use of podcast we do the same but speak

You can speak and describe your work, and even invite experts to let them speak and tell how they do it

To make it interesting for everyone, and teach it, all for free


Mindful relationship habits

I think you might like this book – “Mindful Relationship Habits: The Most Important Principles to Improve Your Relationship and Grow Reciprocal Empathy” by Daniel Emotion.

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The book can help you improve your relationship with your friends and family

Learn new things about mindfulness, and mind staff, and how to benefit from it

It is not new, in the past people new how to cure themselves in ways our modern medicine don’t know

Read it and enjoy it


החצוף הארצישראלי – איתמר בן-אב”י

הספר הזה על איתמר בן אבי, בנו של בן יהודה, מחייה השפה העברית מעניין אותי מאד, איתמר כתב בעיתונים של התקופה הזאת, והכיר את כל האנשים החשובים של אז

מבחינה אישית, מעניינת אותי התקופה הזאת, כי אמא שלי שנולדה בירושלים בעיר העתיקה, נהגה לספר לנו הילדים על החיים אז, וגם על איתמר סיפרה לנו, שהוא היה חילוני ומאד שנוא על היהודים החרדים

בסך הכל ספר מעניין